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Researching Genius

The internet is inconceivably vast. There is no end, only an expansive network of information that grows and shifts over time. There is also an invisible web, or deep web, known to be up to 500 times larger than the visible web. …


Pandora Papers | Over 30 US trusts suspected of fraud…”

The Pandora Papers leaked more than 11.5 million financial and legal records exposing a system that enabled crime, corruption, and wrongdoing, hidden by secretive offshore companies. The rich were getting richer, and the powerful were solidifying their power positions.

We’ve heard this before. In 2017, we had the Paradise Papers


Creativity from a social context allows you to see how a diversity of networks influence one person’s ability to think creatively.

University of Pennsylvania professor Randall Collins authored the book The Sociology of Philosophies: A Global Theory of Intellectual Change, arguing that there is more behind history’s greatest thinkers than just individual creative brains. …


Digital globalization is redefining the study of culture. has taken on the study of selfies and they’ve discovered cultural patterns in light head tilts and expression.

How do you define modern culture across devices, applications, software, and computer networks? It’s challenging given the number of people and the speed at which media is created every second.

When I think about defining modern digital culture, I don’t mean just looking at a subset of people in a…

Artificial Intelligence

Processing power, data storage, and development platforms are becoming easier to access and less expensive, so why is the adoption rate low?


In the 1940s, Alan Turing predicted that one day, computers would defeat humans in chess. In 2010 IBM started building a computer to win a game show, Jeopardy, competing against a human. …


Is it time to update and rethink large politically driven sluggish, ineffective bodies?

Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, DC

What is the Organization of American States (OAS), and what do they do? If you’re not into foreign policy and international relations, you might have missed this one, but you might be paying for it if you’re a US citizen.

The Organization of American States was founded in 1948 to…


Course One: Start at the bottom and move your mouse through the course to the top. CLUE: The right path is not the shortest path — such is life.

Move your mouse through the safe space of a maze, centering your focus and reinforcing the idea that you can deal effectively with challenges and pivot to correct without giving up.

Mental strength is the capacity to deal with stressors, pressures, and challenges, irrespective of the circumstances in which…


Gérard Prunier, author of “The Country That Does Not Exist,” highlights the lonely achievements of Somaliland’s sovereignty and argues for its relevancy today.

Somaliland is an autonomous region in northern Somalia, which broke away and declared independence from Somalia in 1991. …


It’s about how the “package” looks and less about what’s inside.

Try staring at this image and it will seem to move. Even while you read these words use might see it moving.

The Greatest Show on Earth!

The P.T. Barnum Circus was a fantasy that played out in the minds and hearts of its fans. It was less about reality and more about the idea of taking audience on a fictional journey, playing on imagination using props.

In reality, what we know today, was that most…

Kristi Pelzel

Journalist, Communications Consultant, and Adjunct Faculty— Washington, D.C.

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