Inclusive Design

Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash Image: App design planing.

Accessibility in design is designing to create something accessible to the broadest possible audience. It differentiates from Inclusion because accessibility deals with the physical or technical aspects, while Inclusion deals with the social and cultural factors.

A few accessibility design theories and practices you must know are:

Universal Design Theory…

Theories of Thought

Things with no physical form are very real.

Photo by H. Zhyhar on Unsplash — There is no physical form of freedom, but the feeling (concept) is real and measurable.

The theory of thought is a broad study of conceptual reasoning, and under that wide range of concepts is abstract thinking or abstract concepts. It’s the idea that the mind can represent things that are not physically present.

Most people would think that abstract concepts are too complicated to be…

Kristi Pelzel

Journalist, Communications Consultant, Adjunct writing about art and design, visual digital comms, and the intersection of technology and design.

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